Friday, September 11, 2009


In the last few years Facebook has primarily been a social networking tool used by college and high school kids to meet and keep up with the latest happenings within their social circles, however; there is an increasing popularity among an old segment of our society. Facebook has extended far beyond the chitter chatter of the teens and young adults to older individuals, business professionals, homemaker and entrepreneurs and yes, even grandma and grandpa are sharing photos, playing games, meeting friends on Facebook. This technology is allowing us to reach out and keep in touch with our friends, family members, our colleagues, and our client through the use of a web 2.0 application called Facebook. This interactive technology has made some otherwise time consumering research and has made communicating a simple task. For example, planning and locating long lost classmates, friends and family members, was once a difficult task, Facebook has made this less complicated through a networking system. Planning a reunion is simplified by using Facebook.

Networking through the use of Facebook can be interesting and a fun experience, however certain security measures should be used to protect ones privacy. Any user of Facebook can have access your information unless certain security precautions are implemented. Your personal profile, your interests and everything you write including personal comments and information can be viewed by others. By having a Face book account, anyone can find you without your knowledge. Facebook allows exchange of information for business or just as a social outlet can be useful and fun, so use it sensibly and wisely.

If you have the time and enjoy talking, chatting and the excitement of meeting and learning about people, then Facebook may be something you might want to be apart of. For me, I really don't have the time, nor do I have the interest to Blog, Twitter or Facebook activities...HAVE FUN ALL OF YOU BLOGGERS OUT THERE! IT HAS BEEN FUN.

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