Saturday, September 12, 2009

Who Uses Google Earth?

Selecting Google Earth as my project website, has allow me to learned quite a bit about a fantastic service that features satellite views and dramatic visual imagery all at your fingertips, and it's FREE. Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Local are all integrated services that are currently being utilized in both the private sector as well as in federal, state and local government agencies to protect and improve our quality of life. Check out Google Earth 's website and read some of the case studies and testimonials on how this technology is being used. I have asked who is using Google Earth? Well, there are a vast number of users throughout the world, however; I have listed a few companies that are using this technology and what they have to say about Google Earth.

According to Dell "we are pleased to take advantage of the new features of Google Earth Enterprise Version 3.0 for both marketing and customer support. " This technology allows Dell to visualize its' global website traffic. This lets, Dell is build a stronger sense of community with their internal and external partners through awareness and better visibility around traffic trend and patterns. Dell also stated that they are able to gain a global view of their customer activity at a glance, ensuring optimum responsiveness for customers with their silver, gold and platinum support.

The Alabama Department of Homeland Security implemented Google Earth in 2003 , to collect and analyze information regarding terrorist threats and activities. The Alabama Depart of Homeland Security has a complete case study on the challenges it faced and how Google Earth has been able to access with these challenges. Chris Johnson of Geospatial Technologies stated, "We see Google Earth Enterprise as a keystone to this program. We call it a twelve-year -old program, because any twelve year old could use it."

The South Florida Water Management District uses Google Earth to enable 3D interaction with district wide spatial layers and aerial photography through a user interface available to personnel on the district network. In addition users can see 3d images of structures, canals, district owned lands, water usage permits, and environmental monitoring stations.

Other companies using Google Earth include Toys-R-Us, The Us Forest Service, Crate and Barrel, Whole Foods Market, and GeoAge, just to name a few. The web 2.0 technology of Google Earth is presented in a dynamic and exciting way that keep your attention through every phase of its demonstrations and capabilities.

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