Sunday, August 23, 2009

Career Search Using Blogs & Web 2.0 Technologies

Blogs and Web 2.0 help you connect with people whether you know them or not, whether they are inside or outside your enterprise. They help you build communities of shared interest. They give each person in the organization a voice. Because blogging is as natural as writing an email, you can share your unique perspective and expertise and solicit feedback without worrying about filling up everyone's inbox. With today’s technology Human Resource Department and Career searching can utilize blogs to help communicate with your peers or colleagues in inactive innovation.
Web 2.0 technology helps bring together interaction among individuals, information and data to drive new market opportunities. Web 2.0 includes collaboration and productivity tools that can be used to help businesses deliver applications more flexibly and cost effectively. With web 2.0 businesses can simplify and improve its daily interaction with customer, partners and colleagues. Applying Web 2.0 design for business enables your company to connect with people and teams in ways that simply weren't possible before. Organizations are able to choose the tools to maximize a Web 2.0 design that best meets your company's specific needs. Companies may be augment an existing website solution or may be able to look for a better way to tap into job-related networks to participate and access new levels of expertise. In any case, there is a wealth of information to help guide you, communities to learn from, and technologies to try out. Web 2.0 tools that can help you increase your work quality and effectiveness by discovering and reusing the wisdom of "crowds", or communities and participating based on your preferred working style

Human Resource departments are able to work with people seamlessly inside and outside the organization to streamline communications. Organizations are able to bring people and information together quickly and simply in an easy to use environment, designed with security in mind. Web 2,0 offers a variety of online solutions that lets you share documents, meet easily with potential employees or customers and build networks by connecting with companies relevant to your business needs.

Companies can use web 2.0 to enhance the customer experience and value by innovating the way you interact with your customers or potential employees. Organizations can boost the quality and speed of the decisions to fill vacant positions as well as the decision that are made by the employee.

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  1. Well put, LIZZAO. One of the most irritating things for the job searcher is the time it takes to get an answer on one position before considering the next. Thanks for the info~