Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whoa! what an amazing website. Google Earth is a fantastic interactive website that allows you to become a world traveler, researcher, adventurer, international real estate tycoon, tour guide all without leaving your desk. Google Earth can be used in many areas of business from marketing your organization worldwide to researching countries of interest as well as a educational tool. Learning about the earth from the highest mountain peeks to the very depth of the ocean floors to historical places and landmarks that are impossible to reach; it's all made easy on Google Earth. Not only do we get to plan a tour, but we get to actually see where we are going from a satelite view.

You can create and play tours of places and content. Tours are a guided experience where you fly from one location to another, view terrain and content and look around as you wish. You can create tours that record your exact navigation in the 3D window and even add audio. You can then share these tours with other Google Earth users.


  1. Great way to see where you're going and get a feeling of what it will be like before you actually arrive! Cool~

  2. great tool for any business person that travels alot

  3. This is one of my favorite web pages